American Art Company

Business Standards of American Art Company

  • We promise to deliver high quality artworks and creativity.
  • We will provide only premier quality services. We will charge a fair price for what we have provided.
  • We will act in the business community with the highest moral principles that we expect others to follow.
  • We know that our success depends entirely upon our integrity.
  • We will treat each client as if our entire company depends upon that client's highest degree of satisfaction with our artwork.
  • We will treat each venue with respect.
  • Our company's success depends greatly upon the spirit of our consultants and their devotion to our clients and the company.
  • We realize that our work is a part of life and all of us takes responsibility to take care of our lives, at work and elsewhere.

Terms and Requirements

American Art Company guarantees our lithographs are high quality reproductions of the original artwork. We are presenting the most current technology to provide our customers with a satisfaction guaranteed product.

  • Our shipping regulations are as follows: when American Art Companies receives check/money order we will ship lithographs by the most effective method. We will be responsible to cover any lost/theft damages.
  • If the customer is dissatisfied with the artwork received he/she may return the artwork within 30 days of the date of shipment. American Art Company will provide the customer with a refund for the purchase price.
  • When American Art Company receives check/money order it is an indication and verification the customer will adhere to the above terms and requirements.


American Art Company


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